Interesting places on Koh Samui-Thailand

Koh Samui is an island located in the southern part of Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand. The total area of the island is about 280km2 making it the third largest island in the country. Koh Samui is a high-altitude peak located at an altitude of 635m above sea level. Koh Samui is part of the Marine National Park, which includes nearby coral reefs. It is estimated that more than 1.2 million tourists visit the island every year.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is an unspoilt archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. It has high limestone mountains, dense jungles, sandy beaches, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes to explore. The protected area of more than 100 km2 of land and sea is characterized by a rich biodiversity. Snorkeling, hiking, sea kayaking, diving and just relaxing are the main attractions of Ang Thong. Most visitors to Ang Thong come for a day trip or boat charter or Koh Phangan Koh Samui. For those who want to stay overnight, simple bungalows and camping tents are available on Koh Wua Ta Lap. In the Park's headquarters, there is also just a restaurant. Despite its growing popularity the islands have retained their first appearance

Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple, located on a small rocky island in the northeast corner of Koh Samui. Locally known as Wat Phra Yai, its golden, 12-meter-high seated Buddha statue was built in 1972, and remains one of the island's most popular attractions. The Big Buddha can be seen from several kilometers away, and is often the first landmark people see when they arrive on Koh Samui by plane. The big Buddha sits in the Mara pose, with the left palm up, based on the knees, and the right side down, with the fingers hanging over the knee and ocierającymi on the ground. Shows the time during the Buddha's journey to enlightenment, in which he was able to successfully capture neither the temptations and dangers imposed on him by the devilish figure of the Dragon, meditating and keeping calm. Beyond is a symbol of perseverance, purity and enlightenment.

Fishing village

Koh Samui's fishing village is the historic part of Bophut, with country-style buildings that can accommodate boutiques, trendy restaurants and a small selection of hotels located along the narrow Beach Road. Every Friday, the entire area becomes the site of a market that attracts a huge number of shoppers from all over the island due to the incredible variety of goods. This old part of Bophut beach, of course, takes its name from the fact that it was once home to a thriving community of fishermen. The fishermen moved on and the main pier collapsed, but the old wooden shops remained, and a maze of narrow streets runs between many of them, giving the village a charming old look.

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